Romania, a European country, a member of NATO and the EU, is still in 2017 just like in the Middle Ages.

  • a total of 100,000 households and 250.000 people are currently unconnected to the electricity grid

  • more than 40% of households have the toilet in the back yard

  • 20% of children drop out of school

  • it loses three hectares of forest per hour

  • Bucharest is the most polluted city in the EU

and bad news do not stop here. Thousands of children are sleeping hungry because parents are poor. Other thousands of children are in the care of their grandparents because their parents work in other countries in Europe and that affecting them emotionally.
The situation is so dramatic that it is almost impossible to believe that you can do something for them, everything seems lost.
But happiness comes from simple things.
Imagine what would mean for a family living in a house without electricity, mounting solar panels to give them light and warmth! Imagine what is a thick cloth for children who have nothing to wear!

United, we can do many beautiful things for this people. If you want, you can donate clothes, toys, old computers, anything that can make a child happy.

All donations will go to various beneficial activities and WILL be published on this site.

I want to help